We are really excited to bring you a workshop with Jambo Truong! Booking essential limited spaces.

‘Free Your Spine, Tame Your Back’

Freeing your spine creates the feeling of a longer and more flexible back. The muscles that make up your back are often under or over used. This can cause incorrect use of these muscles in many of our movements in daily life and activities. As a result we move inefficiently which isn’t the best use of our energy.

Many back related symptoms are not due to the activity that created the issue rather daily habits of our movement. This workshop offers many techniques that you can use anywhere to correct your structure and free yourself from pain or congestion in life as well as in back bends.

This workshop focuses on the basic moves of Forrest Yoga that create more space in the upper, mid and lower back. We will explore how freeing up more space in these areas also promotes more energy and a stronger immune system.

Jambo Truong is one of the hand selected Forrest Yoga Guardians,
chosen by Ana Forrest to continue the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He
has been a practitioner of Integrated Health with special interests in
Applied Kinesiology and Functional Anatomy. He uses his clinical
background to inform his sequencing and hands on assists.
Aside from teaching Yoga, Jambo is also Neuro-muscular bodyworker
And public speaker. When he is not speaking on platforms such as TEDx,
He can be found researching within his field of Well-Being & Complexities

Price: £60

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